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NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – Being in the changing tech world, where new technologies evolve from time to time, having a mobile app is a must for every business, whether it is a start-up or a well-known brand. The COVID pandemic has surely changed the way everyone is used to the business.


Everyone prefers to stay as comfortable as possible while doing everything they can. Starting with attending virtual concerts, ordering food online, or attending work meetings with someone miles away without even being in physical contact with them. Nowadays, smartphone apps are available for almost everything. COVID-19 has certainly boosted the market for mobile application development.

Mobile app downloads have been steadily increasing since 2016 when it was reported that 140.7 billion app downloads in 2016 exceeded 200 billion downloads in 2020 due to the increase in the use of mobile applications due to the sudden change of the global pandemic brought to daily activities.

Apart from that, the revenue generated through mobile apps was over 365 billion US dollars who crossed 690 billion US dollars in 2021. The number should cross US $ 935 billion by 2023.

Mobile apps make life easier for users by updating them with all possible technological trends. Mobile application developers follow new trends to better serve their customers. The same goes for content creators and producers ready to take their brands to the next level with mobile development. A mobile application integrated with current trends such as AI IoT, live location, AR-VR, bacon technology and even blockchain technology are considered must-have functions and features for any mobile application. There are types of mobile apps that are currently trending and set to expand further in the years to come.

With such demand for applications in this competitive world, thousands of IT and software companies are offering application development services to global businesses. Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the most popular and reliable application developers in the industry today. The company was founded in 2011 and has delivered over 4,000 applications for personalized customer needs. They have a team of over 450 highly skilled developers who work on the latest technology including AI, IoT, AR / VR and many more. In early 2022, Hyperlink InfoSystem is sharing cost and time details to build different types of apps to help business owners easily plan their strategies.

Applications on demand

The development of on-demand mobile applications is on the rise in 2022. Applications like Zomato and Uber have shown how successful apps can be in this space. The company has developed various on-demand applications such as food delivery applications, taxi services, home maintenance services, etc. Average on-demand mobile app development time is 10-15 weeks, which can cost around $ 20,000 at $ 25,000.

Blockchain-based applications

Mobile apps demand the transparency, trust and accountability across the entire network required to integrate with blockchain. Blockchain applications can dramatically disrupt existing business models and provide solutions at lower cost. The company has developed numerous applications using various blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrency and NFT. The average development time for blockchain-based applications is 15-20 weeks, which can cost anywhere from $ 50,000$ 80,000.

AI-integrated applications

App features like facial image recognition, face detection, text and image classification, sentiment recognition and classification, speech recognition, predictive maintenance are almost must-have features of any app basic mobile. All of these built-in AI feature apps require around 15-20 weeks of development time and $ 50,000 at $ 80,000 budget.

IoT applications

Mobile apps provide features such as entering a home from a remote location, locking or unlocking a front door and connecting to home security systems, managing home devices using mobile apps do can not work without IoT technology. The company has developed more than 70 Integrated IoT applications that still work amazingly today. The estimated development time for such applications will be 10 to 15 weeks and will cost approximately $ 30,000 at $ 60,000.

Enterprise applications

The remote working environment has boosted the use of business applications. From hosting a virtual meeting to managing tasks, business apps have made remote working better and easier. Estimated business application development time can be around 10-15 weeks and can cost around $ 10,000 at $ 20,000.

Educational applications

The pandemic has forced students to study online, which has boosted these mobile apps. These mobile apps have made it easier for everyone around the world to attend conferences whenever they want. Developing an educational mobile app with basic functions such as chat, homework submission, audio-video functionality, entry and exit time requires a development time of 12-16 weeks and can cost about $ 15,000 at $ 25,000.

FinTech applications

A mobile application offering features such as money transfer, mobile payment and billing application, fundraising, personal finance management, stock market or any type of online banking application, the mode of Online payment requires a minimum development time of 15-20 weeks and can be expensive. about $ 50,000 at $ 80,000.

Social media applications

Target-based social media apps like Facebook or even a video streaming app like TikTok are all the rage these days. The development of such mobile applications requires a minimum development time of 10 to 15 weeks and can cost around $ 15,000 at $ 25,000.

Gaming Apps

The company has provided promising solutions for mobile gaming apps, from simple sudoku games to multiplayer gaming apps like PUBG. Gaming apps require a minimum development time of 15-20 weeks and can cost around $ 20,000 at $ 50,000.

E-commerce applications

E-commerce mobile app solutions are dominating the world as they span the entire industry from clothing to home decor. The company has years of experience in developing such solutions, which take around 10 to 15 weeks of development and can cost around $ 12,000 at $ 15,000.

Note: Cost and development time may vary depending on requirements.

“When it comes to developing a desired mobile application, whatever your needs and costs, we at Hyperlink InfoSystem will never let you down. The Hyperlink InfoSystem team is always there for you, from research to post-delivery support. Our goal of providing the best solutions is helping us become the most trusted application development partner for businesses around the world in such a short time. “ Says Hyperlink InfoSystem CEO Harnil Oza.

As a leading provider of application development services, the Hyperlink InfoSystem team is always ready to bring your idea to life with effective solutions. If one has an idea or mobile application requirement in mind and needs development support, can email [email protected] or call them at +1 309 791 4105.

About the hypertext link information system:

Hyperlink information system is an established and popular leading web and mobile application development company based in USA, UK, UAE, France, Canada with its development center in India. The company’s talented team of over 450 developers provide world-class services in custom software development, mobile and web application development, blockchain development, AR application development. and VR, game app development, artificial intelligence, data science, Salesforce and more. . Since 2011, the company has successfully created more than 4,000 mobile applications for more than 2,500 customers worldwide.

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