2018 Prediction: The Endangered Hyperlink


“Hey, send me this link!” You will hear this phrase everywhere and in all languages ​​of the world. The hyperlink is at the heart of our global culture just as it is at the heart of the Internet itself.

This is how we share photos, videos and pay our bills; this is how billions of dollars in e-commerce are traded daily; it is our most basic and fundamental Internet technology.

Yet the hyperlink – this iconic Internet symbol underlined in blue – is under threat as criminal organizations and secret foreign government agencies step up attacks on Domain Name System (DNS) servers to hijack traffic, inject spyware in corporate networks and fool consumers. to expose private financial data.

The DNS (Domain Name System) servers feed each hyperlink. They quickly translate the text of a dotcom address into numbers which can then locate the root server and map the precise locations of every web page, image, video, file, no matter where it is in the world.

Good DNS services speed up websites, balance traffic loads, and protect against a wide range of cyber threats. Bad DNS makes sites slow and unstable and allows criminals to easily change the address of a web page’s links to their malware.

The biggest recorded DNS attack took place in October 2016 and destroyed Dyn’s DNS servers used by hundreds of popular sites like Twitter, Amazon, PayPal. You don’t have to be a giant online business to be affected, hundreds of small businesses have been taken offline as well. Be careful, because there are more on the way – bigger and meaner in 2018.

Modern web page can have hundreds of links due to cookies, ad servers, analytics, web services, images, and external video hosting sites. DNS attacks offer many new avenues for online malware that have yet to be found. And with the billions of IoT devices, new attack vectors are constantly being added.

Without DNS, the Internet no longer works. Netflix won’t stream, Facebook won’t load, and e-commerce stops working. It is a very serious problem.


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