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Smartphones have become such an essential part of everyday life that it can be hard to think of what we would do without them. Breaking the screen in a catastrophic drop, leaving it in a rideshare car, or not having a charger cable handy can create an extremely frustrating situation. But now Apple has issued a warning about its latest software update which may affect iPhone users in the same way. Read on to see what the tech company has to say about a recent issue with its most popular product.

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As anyone who owns an Apple device knows, software updates are a common occurrence, usually used to release new features and fix any potential bugs or security vulnerabilities. But according to customers, the latest iOS 15.4 update has created serious battery drain issues for iPhone users.

The glitch even led some frustrated customers to air their grievances on social media. “[iOS] The battery drain at 15.4 is absolutely ridiculous. Why Apple Can’t Ever Get the Right Builds the First Time[?] Bottom 5 [percent] in less than 10 minutes,” one iPhone user posted on Twitter, according to the Daily mail. “My battery drained so fast after updating my [iOS] at 15.4,” wrote another.

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However, it didn’t take long for Apple to intervene and respond, reports the Apple Insider tech blog. In response to a user’s Tweet on March 19, the company offered a simple suggestion on how to fix battery drain problem.

“Thanks for contacting us! We’ll be happy to help,” wrote the company’s support-focused Twitter account. “It’s normal for your apps and features to need adjusting for up to 48 hours after an update.” The company then added that the customer should seek help if the problem persists beyond this time frame.

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Although it might be a bit annoying, experts say that software updates on our devices very often cause battery draining issues whether we notice them or not. “Installing a new operating system on an iPhone triggers many background tasks, from indexing to battery recalibration, and it can take hours or even days,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughesa researcher from the enterprise technology news website ZDNet, told the Daily mail.

“Not only does this consume power, but recalibrating the battery can make the battery appear to be draining faster when in fact it isn’t,” he added. “Add to that the double factor of many app updates after a new release, combined with many new features available that can further exhaust an older handset.”

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Luckily, there might still be a quick fix to your device battery longevity issues. Restarting your phone after a software update can often fix the problem, reports tech blog TechRadar.

You can also run a quick diagnostic on your phone’s hardware if you notice the problem even after the two-day window. “If you go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and the message is that it’s good for maximum performance capability, that’s either normal stuff or a bug,” says Kingsley-Hughes. . Otherwise, you can contact Apple for further troubleshooting or repair.

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