Avoid Google trackers in Firefox by enabling hyperlink auditing


Tracking has become a very common practice, from the smallest website to the largest companies. This is the case with Google, for example, if you do a search from Firefox on this engine and try to copy the link from a result, you will see that you will copy a different link. This is because we need to enable hyperlink auditing in Firefox to prevent this from happening.

In this sense, we want to show you the steps to copy the links from the Google search engine to Firefox and get the specific link that we want to follow.

Hyperlink auditing is a feature found in browsers whose function is to prevent the loading of other resources when copying or clicking on a link. These days, it’s very common for sites to add trackers to their links in order to detect when they click or how many they receive. This is done transparently for the user and although in browsers such as Chrome or Safari the option to avoid it is enabled, in Firefox it is not.

In this sense, if you are a Firefox user and want to copy your links without additions or avoid tracking, it is best to enable hyperlink auditing. To do this, we will only have to visit the browser configuration page and find an entry that will indicate whether it is activated or not.

To do this type in the About: Config address bar and once inside find browser.send_pings and if it is set to False change it to True.

Then restart the browser and you can avoid loading Google trackers and copy links normally from the search engine. Enabling hyperlink auditing in Firefox will give you an additional privacy add-on, since you don’t enable additional link resources for tracking.


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