Bing announces all-in-one SEO and IndexNow integration


Bing announces that the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress supports the IndexNow protocol, which instantly notifies search engines of content changes.

One of the biggest issues with SEO is the time it takes for search engines like Google and Bing to discover changes to your website and modify rankings and indexing accordingly.

Many website owners wait weeks or months before realizing that search engines have recognized their changes.

At that time, the website made additional changes that were not recognized and indexed. This often leads to frustration for digital marketing companies and SEO managers.

Integration allows a website to reduce that time from weeks to hours.

All-in-one WordPress SEO Plugin

The All In One SEO WordPress plugin has over two million users and is one of the most popular SEO plugins available. One of its biggest advantages is providing a single plugin for many actions that once required multiple plugins. Features include:

  • On-page analytics where you easily add metadata, keywords, and other information.
  • Using schema markup to provide context to Google bots crawling a website. Schema lets bots know what information they’re seeing and helps get included in rich snippets like knowledge graphs and questions and answers.
  • A local SEO package for higher local search rankings for businesses operating within a certain radius.
  • Sitemaps for videos for better inclusion in Google video search.

What is IndexNow?

IndexNow allows websites to notify search engines like Bing, Google, and Yandex of changes to a website. For example, if a site creates a blog, deletes pages, or loads hundreds of product URLs, it submits HTTP requests.

It pings search engines to let them know that the site is changed and needs re-indexing and re-ranking. Search bots only occasionally crawl websites looking for new and changed content. Until they do, the site’s index will not change.

IndexNow is a widely supported protocol that tells the search engine to prioritize the site for crawling.

Integration means faster indexing

The lifeblood of a website is proper search engine indexing and ranking, but waiting weeks or more for a web crawl is frustrating. The integration between All In One SEO and IndexNow means the long waits are over.

This means faster conversions, goal achievement, and customer engagement on WordPress sites. Bing is the second largest search engine after Google.

How AIOSEO Helps Users Leverage IndexNow

To activate and use IndexNow with AIOSEOusers can navigate to the Feature Manager tab of the AIOSEO dashboard, where they will find the option to activate the addon.

Screenshot from:, February 2022.

Once activated, you can click on the “Manage” link. This will take you to the AIOSEO Webmaster Tools panel.

Bing announces all-in-one SEO and IndexNow integrationScreenshot from:, February 2022.

The green checkmark in the upper right corner of the IndexNow icon indicates that you have successfully activated IndexNow.

Once enabled, the protocol will alert search engines whenever you:

  • Publish new content
  • Update old content
  • Delete posts/pages

This results in faster indexing of new content, edits or changes on your website.

If you are a WordPress user and have the AIOSEO plugin installed, you can activate the IndexNow addon today.

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