CData Connect Cloud can now connect to hundreds of data sources to support robust AWS Glue data pipelines


CData Software, a provider of data connectivity and integration solutions, offers an all-new AWS Glue Client Connector for CData Connect Cloud, expanding access to hundreds of data sources and destinations for AWS Glue customers.

“AWS provides a world-class network of cloud application providers, and CData is proud to extend AWS Glue integration services with our native cloud connectivity platform,” said Amit Sharma, CEO of CData Software. “This partnership enables AWS Glue users to leverage even more cloud applications to power their analytics, automation, and data initiatives.”

CData now offers cloud-native connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate with applications and systems previously unavailable in AWS Glue.

Connect Cloud provides a robust library of real-time no-code connectors that enable customers to access and leverage more of their disparate cloud data within their AWS Glue pipelines.

According to the vendor, CData Connect Cloud gives AWS Glue customers access to the data they need to support vital downstream processes, remove barriers to insightful reporting, and streamline operations.

With this new release, the company makes data access even easier for AWS Glue customers. Rather than installing individual CData drivers for each data source through AWS Marketplace, users can simply log into CData Connect Cloud and connect to hundreds of applications in minutes.

The easy-to-use CData Connect Cloud interface requires no installation, long development cycles or IT intervention to connect data sources. This low barrier to entry allows even non-technical users to quickly extract data from the sources and systems that matter most to them.

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