Comcast won’t apply northeast data caps until 2023 at the earliest


Comcast subscribers in the northeastern US just got another waiver of data caps, and this one could stay. According to Light reading and The edge, a Comcast spokesperson said the cable giant now had “no plans” to impose internet data caps in the region throughout 2022. State Representative Andy Vargas even said claims the strategy could be put on hold indefinitely – he understood that Comcast had “no plans to reintroduce” the cap at any time.

The telecommunications company first announced in November 2020 that it would extend its application of the 1.2TB caps to the northeast in 2021, but delayed the move for a year in February 2021. The overtime was apparently intended to help clients “get acquainted” with the caps, but many attributed the move to the backsliding of angry politicians. Comcast was trying to restrict (or charge extra) internet use during a pandemic when many have no choice but to work from home.

It won’t help subscribers who still have to live with caps in other states. However, it will help residents of the Northeast breathe easier and could lower their costs if they don’t want to pay for excess or unlimited data. The extra time also casts doubt on the need for caps in the first place. If Comcast can do without caps in many states for two years, and competitors like AT&T can make even broader moves, why are the caps there? Comcast’s decision does not preclude application in 2023 or later, but the company may find it difficult to justify the resumption after such a long wait.

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