Compare Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea data recharge top up plans. Know the difference in validity, price, data pack limits here


Data Booster plans are really handy when you’ve exhausted your data plan. Maybe you’re away from your home or work Wi-Fi, or maybe you have a system update or major game update that needs to be downloaded and installed while on the go. Data Booster plans will help you get a big data boost when you need it most.

Here are the best data booster plans, from the most affordable to the most data intensive, that you can find on Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea. Note that most of these plans will match the validity of your existing plan. So if your existing calling plan is about to expire in a few days, you might not want to upgrade to a larger data booster.

Airtel Data Booster Plans

Airtel has a Rs 58 data booster plan which includes 3GB of data and no additional benefits. There is also a 5GB data plan for Rs 98 which also offers users a subscription to Wynk Music Premium. For those who want a bit more data, Airtel also offers a 6GB data booster plan which comes in at Rs 108 and offers free Hello Tunes and other perks.

If you want even more data, either to last for several days or for a really big download on the go, Airtel offers a 12GB data booster plan for Rs 118 and a 15GB data booster plan for Rs 148. The most expensive plan you can pick up though, is the Rs 301 plan which gets you 50GB of extra data.

Jio Data Callback Plans

Jio offers four data booster plans that will match the validity of your existing plans. These include an Rs 15 plan which will give you 1GB of data, an Rs 25 plan which will give you 2GB of data, an Rs 61 plan which will do that and an Rs 121 plan which will give you 12GB.

However, Jio also offers three work-from-home plans that give you double-digit data benefits. However, these will not match your existing validity and will instead have a validity of their own, which is 30 days. These include the Rs 181 plan which offers 30GB of data, the Rs 241 plan which offers 40GB of data and the Rs 301 plan which offers 50GB of data. There is also a Rs 296 plan which offers 25GB of data for 30 days which can be found in the ‘No Daily Limit’ tab on the MyJio app.

Vodafone Idea data booster plans

Vodafone Idea also offers a number of data booster plans, but none of them match your existing validity and instead come with a validity of their own. There is a Rs 19 package that comes with 1GB of data and is valid for 24 hours. Then there is a Rs 48 plan which offers 2GB of data for 21 days, a Rs 58 plan which offers 3GB of data for 28 days and a Rs 98 plan which offers 9GB of data for 21 days.

Moving on to the higher data plans, we have a Rs 118 plan which offers 12GB of data for 28 days. There is a Rs 298 plan which offers 50 GB of data for 28 days and a Rs 418 plan which offers 100 GB of data for 56 days.


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