‘Dune’ opening weekend $ 30- $ 32million at US box office – deadline


Friday noon update: Currently, Legendary / Warner Bros. ‘ Dune sees a friday between $ 16M – $ 17M in 4,125 theaters, including the previews last night, which means an opening between $ 30M- $ 32M. While rival studios have raised it much higher to $ 40 million +, understand that the unpredictable nature of rough deciphers how busy its Friday is; as well as the HBO Max availability of it all. Imax ticket sales lead the charge for Dune, looking at a 22% -24% share of the BO weekend All above Godzilla vs. KongThe $ 31.6 million opening weekend means this is a first national record for a Warner Bros. movie. during the pandemic, and the best start to a day-to-day HBO Max theatrical release. Anything north of $ 32.8 million means this is a record opening for director Denis Villeneuve.

Solid PostTrak for Dune So far with 4 out of 5 stars. Men, no, are out in force at 62% and 72% out of 25. Diversity demos are 59% Caucasian, 20% Latino & Hispanic, 6% African American, 9% Asian and 6% other. An overall gross at the end of the day north of $ 300 million for Legendary and Warners will keep them happy, even if it is not at breakeven, and let’s face it: how many movies are really profitable in this market. current?

WarnerMedia brass told Deadline in a Wednesday session that it will take a few years before they release audience data on how their pricing is strictly on HBO Max; global growth is needed before there is a measure of apples to apples in the industry. A sequel to Dune that’s for sure, and the leaders of Warner Bros. will assess this weekend’s success not only in global ticket sales, but also how the film performs on HBO Max. To date, according to Samba TV, which records HBO Max audiences in land-based Smart TV homes, New Line’s Mortal combat holds the title of most viewed theatrical / HBO Max movie in first weekend with 3.8 million U.S. households, followed by Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong with 3.6M over 5 days. WarnerMedia told us, without providing any figures, that GvK was the most-watched first weekend for an indoor title on HBO Max.


In second position, it’s Universal / Miramax / Blumhouse’s Halloween kills with a second Friday of $ 5 million, -78%, and a second weekend of $ 15.8M in 3,727 locations, -68% for ten days of $ 74.4 million. The 2018 version of Halloween fell 59% on its second weekend.

MGM / UAR No time to die is third in his third weekend with $ 4 million today, -44%, a third weekend of $ 14 million in 3,807 cinemas, -41% and a cumulative end of Sunday of $ 122.1 M.

Fourth belongs to Sony / Marvel’s Venom: let there be carnage with a fourth Friday of $ 2.6 million, -43%, weekend of $ 9.5 million, -42% and current total of $ 182.2 million, currently reserved on 3,513 sites.

Disney Studios / 20th century Ron has gone wrong at 3,560 cinemas sees an estimated first Friday of $ 1.9M for a first weekend of $ 6 million.

Warner bros

Friday morning update: The legendary sci-fi epic and Warner Bros Dune searched $ 5.1 million as of 6 p.m. in 3,200 theaters Thursday. The adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel directed by Denis Villeneuve was also made available on streaming service HBO Max as of 3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET.

In China, Legendary East announces $ 6.5 million opening day for Dune in 10,500 cinemas, a total of 28,274 screens. The photo ranks as the # 2 title in the market with a 34.3% box office share for the day.

This figure surpasses the pre-pandemic take from Villeneuve’s previous sci-fi show, 2017 Blade runner 2049, which saw $ 3.5million from the 7pm hours en route to a $ 12.5million Friday opening and $ 32.8million – the director’s best domestic debut.

Track estimates for Dune are between $ 30 million and $ 35 million. Advance ticket sales show a much higher number, but we’ll need today and Saturday to see how busy the deal is up front, as these movies of the day and date tend to attract fans first, before the general public decides not to go to the movies.

DuneThursday’s figure also beats the $ 4.1 million made by Warner Bros. / HBO Max’s The suicide squad, which started previews at 7 p.m. and generated a Friday of $ 12.1 million and an opening weekend of $ 26.2 million; second best for an R-rated movie during the pandemic. Duneis also beaten Halloween kills, which made $ 4.85 million. This R-rated film was available day and date on the Peacock Subscriber Paid Tier, but that didn’t seem to dilute the box office as it posted an opening weekend of $ 22.8 million. Friday, $ 49.4 million. It is a different case with Dune and HBO Max since the service has a greater penetration than Peacock.

The film, which has 73 minutes of filming with Imax cameras, is outperforming in auditoriums at large-format exhibitors, accounting for 30% of last night’s box office. Attention, in Canada, Dune is on a purely theatrical window since the country does not yet have HBO Max.

Four hundred and two Imax displays shipped $ 1.5 million yesterday. The figure marks a new mass-market indexing record for Imax on a Thursday night in North America, surpassing that of Christopher Nolan Dunkirk ($ 1.59M / 28.9% of a total of $ 5.5M in July 2017).

Abroad, 17 Imax screens in South Korea delivered 21% of opening revenue on Wednesday, compared to 5-6% for Shang-Chi and No time to die.

In the UK, 50 Imax screens delivered 21% of the photo’s opening day on Thursday, up from 8% on No time to die and 9% for Shang-Chi.

Last weekend, 37 IMAX screens in Japan brought in 37% of the opening weekend total, compared to 16% for Bond 25.

The first word in China today, Friday, is that Imax displays account for 21% of the opening day total for Dune.

Disney Studios / 20th century Ron has gone wrong grossed around $ 240,000 last night excluding premieres which started at 6pm. Pic opens in 3,560 theaters and currently holds a strong Rotten Tomatoes review score of 80%. The animated film costs between 8 and 10 million dollars.


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