Fox News Proves Jon Stewart’s Take On ‘Cancel Culture’


Days after comedian Jon Stewart said people who talk about the so-called cancellation culture “never seem to shut up about it,” Fox News on Tuesday appeared to be doing everything they can to prove the long term Daily show host right.

In a virtual conference Sunday night at the 22nd annual New Yorker Festival, Stewart discussed various topics while promoting his new (and extremely serious) talk show, The problem with Jon Stewart. At one point, conservation came to the idea that people are “canceled” for having politically incorrect beliefs and for sharing their honest opinions.

“People who talk about canceling culture never seem to shut up about it,” said Stewart, probably referring to right-wing media and other comedians, who have been obsessed with the issue. “Like, there’s more talk now than ever,” he continued. “It’s not ‘you can’t say it’, it’s that when you say it, look, the internet has democratized criticism. What do we do for a living – we say shit , we criticize, we apply, we give our opinion, we make jokes, and now other people have their say. And it is not canceling the culture, it is relentlessness. We live in a tirelessly culture.”

It didn’t take long for Fox News to spend airtime complaining about his comments.

Spend an entire segment on Stewart’s remarks, Fox News’ midday talk show Outnumbered grumbled that the veteran comic was “wrong” to reject the scourge of cancellation culture. At the same time, however, co-host Emily Compagno appeared to confirm Stewart’s take on their obsession with the subject.

“Old Daily show Host Jon Stewart says the cancellation culture isn’t real, it’s a myth, no one gets canceled, ”Compagno said while teasing the upcoming segment. “Really? We have so much to say about this!

The five-person panel, meanwhile, all agreed that crop cancellation is a “real thing” – and that Stewart himself should care personally because “it could happen to him.” Fox News political presenter Bret Baier, sitting as the show’s “lucky guy”, added that the feeling that “there was a lack of free speech” is what drove Donald Trump to become president in the first place.

The host of the Harris Faulkner show, without a hint of irony, then tried to ring Stewart for even weighing in on the subject. “I know some of these actions are performative,” she said. “Because if you want people to click on you, just talk about canceling the crop.”

Sure, Outnumbered was far from the only Fox News program on Tuesday to complain about the alleged “culture cancellation.”

In his “hard-news” show Faulkner’s Focus, for example, Faulkner noted that “some wonder where to draw the line when it comes to canceling the crop” during a discussion of former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who has resigned after a slew of his homophobic and racist emails surfaced.

Additionally, several Fox morning programs applauded a professor attracting thousands of invitations to his lecture at Princeton after another university canceled his initial speech, noting that “the culture cancellation backfired. him”.


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