German government funds ‘research’ project that doxxed Tik Tok’s Libs


the minted coin on the woman behind Bezos-funded Libs of Tik Tok Washington PostThe professional victim of Taylor Lorenz was based on a cyberbullying thread by a Twitter employee who works on a German-backed project.

Software Developer Travis Brown, Former Twitter Open Source Advocate by LinkedInunearthed the story of Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter and posted a topic Saturday detailing information about account profile changes.

Lorenz quoted Brown’s series of tweets in her WaPo report released Monday dominating the woman who created the detective character Libs of Tik Tok.

Brown is working on a ongoing project with the support of Prototype fund, an organization that provides financial support to Brown’s so-called “Hatepeech-Tracker”. Protoype Fund is a project of Open Knowledge Foundation Germanywhich is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

“We give those affected by hate speech online a tool to defend themselves,” reads the description of the Hatespeech-Tracker project on the Prototype Fund website.

Brown open source project “cancel-culture” on GitHub shows a compilation of data he gathered to track, talk to, dox and harass targets against whom he has a personal vendetta, according to an anonymous Twitter user who share a website link that exposes Brown’s bullying, cyberstalking, and online harassment tactics.

Hate speech tracker builds on several existing open source projects Brown maintains, including the Cancel Culture Project which he defines as tools for archiving, indexing, and managing Twitter blocklists.

“Eight months later, we now have an archive of 35 million deleted tweets, mostly from the far right and their allies…” Brown tweeted in September.

Brown explained that his scraper makes its way through “right-wing scammer/bootlicker Twitter” via the Wayback Machine, which archives links.

“If you ever need a record of a specific instance of Twitter harassment…contact me, there’s a chance we’ve indexed it,” Brown asked in a follow-up tweet.

According to the Twitter user exposing Brown’s cyberfar, Hatespeech-Tracker uses the Twitter API and the Github API. “His project violates Twitter’s Developer Policy, Developer Agreement, and Privacy Policy. His data hosting on Github violates their Acceptable Use Policy,” the Twitter user said. Explain Monday.

“What makes the story even more interesting is that Travis was working on Twitter. I’m speculating here but we think he has friends inside that’s why his account wasn’t banned and its API access has not been shut down, despite clear breaches and mass reports,” the Twitter user speculated.

Uses of Brown’s Cancel Culture Twitter API with elevated access, according to the unmasking site Brown. “Use of this API requires Twitter’s signature Developer Policy and Developer contract Contract twiceas well as manually submitting a request outlining how to use the tool and answering specific questions about where and how the data will be used,” the site explains.

In the WaPo piece, Lorenz credited Brown for the dox effort Libs of Tik Tok.

“Pro tip: If you want to run a viral moral panic account for the worst people on earth and stay anonymous, maybe start fresh instead of doing anything,” Brown tweeted on Saturday. He included a code snippet listing previous screen names associated with female operator Libs of Tik Tok.

Brown had compiled over 100 deleted tweets by one of Libs of Tik Tok’s former Twitter handles, according to Lorenz’s report, using the undo culture generator.

Tik Tok Libs revealed Lorenz appeared at her family’s home on Monday. Brown knows his project has incited real-world bullying and bullying. He did not express remorse for his actions. When a Twitter user asked Brown if it was okay for Lorenz to appear at the Libs of Tik Tok family residence to harass his loved ones, Brown mentioned that “it’s part of the job” for journalists to knock on people’s doors.

Brown has declared he is “not opposed to doxing on principle” and believes that “it is an extreme tool for extreme cases of community self-defense”.

Although he claimed he had “never distributed a list”, Brown provided Antifa accounts involved in career sabotage with data for doxing efforts.

A particular project “archive-deleted-tweets” includes datasets generated by Coast Salish Antifascist Action based on Brown’s coding. Its purpose is to “provide research material to researchers and others regarding threats to our communities” by targeting suspected “Nazis, Fascists and other bad actors”. The post-millenniumAndy Ngo’s editor is named in the description of the Antifa project as it is The post-millennium himself, who is mistakenly described as a “far-right tabloid”.


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