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What if you had the same hyperlink twice on the same page but the first hyperlink used a set of anchor text and the second hyperlink used a different set of anchor text. Is this a bad thing? John Mueller of Google said the Twitter that they would be treated as normal links and are not considered spam.

Here are those tweets:

This is not a new question, she returned in 2014 in a Q&A video with Matt Cutts. Then he said that the last time he looked was in 2009, Google was counting the first anchor text and not the second, but the link signals, outside of the anchor text, would be divided. He was careful how he responded, saying it was based on the original ’90s PageRank article and the date of his last check in 2009, which is now well over 10 years later.

Here is this video:

John goes on to explain that sometimes tools lead you in the wrong direction on what to prioritize. What sort of what Matt Cutts said above several years ago.

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