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Published: Thu 19 May 2022, 16:39

“Get a degree or you’ll end up being nothing.” “How are you going to survive in this world without a degree? “You should study if you want the world to know about you.” We’ve all heard these or similar things growing up and never dared to choose a different path. We didn’t all think we could survive without a diploma. There is a person who proved that we could do much better even without a diploma. Harnil Oza, the founder and CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, quit MCA and started his own company in 2011.

It was not an easy journey for him, but he proved that nothing is impossible if you are determined enough and work hard to achieve your ambitions. While everyone considered iPhone mobile like any other mobile device, they considered it as an opportunity to start their journey in the world of application development. Thinking differently than an average 20-year-old boy, he got the first-ever mobile app development order worth INR seven to eight lakh in 2011 from an international client. It was a time when having just a website was a big deal, and he saw an opportunity in mobile app development. He got his first development project, at a time when he didn’t have a bank account or an office to work in. All he had was knowledge about coding. He just had to get on with it.

After successfully delivering the first order, he never backed down or thought about not completing his studies. He continued his journey to make it a success story. In 2012, he started receiving more and more orders from international clients as few people in India understood well the importance of mobile app development. 2013 was the most magical year for Oza and Hyperlink InfoSystem. It moved from its home office to offices in 2013 and employed over 25 full-time staff who started working as the strongest team.

Not knowing what the future held for him, Oza never stopped thinking about what future technologies held for him. Since 2014, Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the best software development solution in companies based in USA, UK and UAE. Continuing to broaden its horizon, Hyperlink InfoSystem began to attend international exhibitions in 2015. The company participated in the 36th Gitex Technology Week at Dubai World Trade Center in 2016 while maintaining the level of work with a lively fun attitude. in all global offices. Since then, the company has been one of the most trusted software development companies for businesses in the Middle East.

Being one of the leading software development companies, Hyperlink InfoSystem opened a new office in One Trade Center, New York in 2017. In the same year, the company performed at MWC Americas 2017 in San Francisco and the 37th Gitex Technology Week 2017. in Dubai. Remaining the top priority of web and application development services for the global enterprise, Harnil Oza attended CeBIT in June 2018 in Germany, MWC Americas 2018 in September in Los Angeles and the 38th GITEX Technology Week in October in Dubai with the members of his team. In 2019, the company developed and delivered more than 200 websites and more than 300 mobile applications to its global customers, started offering blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things ( IoT) and participated in another GITEX 2019 Technology Week in October in Dubai.

Hyperlink InfoSystem welcomed the new year by attending CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Although it was a difficult year to manage due to the global pandemic, the InfoSystem hyperlink team embraced the “new normal” and began working remotely. In the same year, Hyperlink InfoSystem expanded, bringing the number of employees to over 250 and started providing AI, 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cybersecurity, blockchain, immersive marketing and fintech development services. .

When every Hyperlink InfoSystem employee was busy working as hard as they could while confined and dealing with Covid-19, Oza was busy taking care of its employees and their families. Oza stood still with his employees in times of crisis. He has ensured that every employee and their family members remain healthy by providing everything from medical support to financial support throughout 2020 and 2021. While most large and even small businesses were laying off their employees due to the global pandemic, Hyperlink InfoSystem employees numbered more than 650 employees in 2021. In the same year, Hyperlink InfoSystem participated in another GITEX Global 2021 in October in Dubai.

The company has upgraded its services by entering the world of Metaverse, NFT, blockchain, AR, VR and many more in 2021. Hyperlink InfoSystem, being a debt-free company since its invention, serves more than 2500+ global customers, developing 4,000+ apps, 2,000+ websites, 100+ AI & IoT solutions, 120+ gaming solutions, and 80+ sales force solutions. Today, the organization has over 700 employees working from its global offices located in New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc., leaving the sole fact of remaining one of the best development companies in software and applications for all technological solutions. .


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