How Coralogix Solves Data Analytics Challenges to Unlock Modern Observability

Organizations are investing more resources than ever to gain visibility into the inner workings and health of their applications. Far from being a simple task, the challenges are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to overcome in today’s digital age.

As organizations migrate to the cloud, much of the visibility we once relied on has been removed. Plus, with the massive adoption of new technologies that help streamline workflows, the pressure to speed up delivery while maintaining quality has never been greater.

In recent years, the term “observability” has gained popularity as a kind of catch-all for the plethora of ideas that can be drawn from the comprehensive collection and analysis of application and system data. The problem is that data is growing faster than revenue.

Traditional monitoring and observability approaches rely on indexing to produce insights, which means the cost of analysis is intrinsically tied to the cost of indexed storage. With this model, the cost of analysis increases proportionally to the growth of data volumes.

And so, with comprehensive data collection being limited by cost, users are faced with a choice. Keep collecting all the data and face the wrath of their finance department or sacrifice coverage and visibility of parts of their systems.

To maintain coverage and visibility on its applications without the need to constantly increase budgets, there is a real need to decouple data analysis from indexing and storage.

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In an interview last summer, Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix, said, “This is high volume data, but low value. Customers don’t want to store data [or index it] but I want to see it live and view it.

The majority of data produced by applications is most valuable when viewed in aggregate over a period of time. Only a fraction of the data should be readily available to investigate and resolve issues. The idea is to monitor data to identify trends and errors without paying to store it. At the same time, have it available if a critical event occurs that requires investigation.

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Recent advances in stream processing have opened the door to a complete loophole. Coralogix takes advantage of this new approach to data processing for its streaming data analysis pipeline, called Streama©.

Thanks to the power of Streama©, the Coralogix platform allows users to transform their data, perform dynamic analyses, receive dynamic alerts, etc., without the need to store the data beforehand. This unique approach effectively decouples data analysis from storage and enables deeper insights without breaking the bank.

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