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Check how to create a hyperlink in Docs

Hyperlinks are an important part of the sites you visit, as well as many reports you create or read in word processing applications such as Google Docs. However, assuming you want to connect to a record and have never done so before, you might be interested in how to hyperlink Google Docs text. The documents you create in Google Docs can meet a variety of needs, but one common characteristic they share is a desire to educate your readers about something.

This can be structured into a variety of resources including the option of assets which can provide additional information on a particular point. One way to do this is to add a hyperlink to your document. Junctions are found in many content types and are useful because they allow the reader to easily navigate to a specific web page that corresponds to what they are reading. Our wizard below will walk you through adding a hyperlink to a document you’re writing in Google Docs.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Google Docs

To understand the methods involved that how to link to Google Docs, there are some simple steps that guide you to create a hyperlink for your Google Docs, and you should follow the steps, as below.

Select text

After opening the document in Google Docs, you need to select the appropriate text where you want to insert a hyperlink to a specific website.

Add link

Now you can select the “Link” icon to continue. Then a new window with the name “Edit Link” appears on the screen. Here you can edit the text and add the website link that you think is appropriate to add as a hyperlink in the document.

Apply and Confirm Link

After adding the link, apply the changes you made and notice a blue underline style on the text you selected. To confirm if you have entered the correct link, click on the text and see if the link that opens is correct.

Final Words: How to Create a Hyperlink in Docs

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