How to Link to a Specific Slide on Google Slides Presentation


You’ve uploaded a large PowerPoint presentation file to Google Drive that contains a few dozen slides, but the executive summary, or the slide that contains all the key points, is somewhere in the middle of the presentation.

Here’s a simple trick on how to create a hyperlink so that people, who may be in a rush, can skip all previous slide presentations and jump straight to the summary slide without having to click the Next button multiple times.

Open your presentation in Google Slides and copy the slide URL:

Replace now /edit in the URL with present?slide=id.p# where # is the number of the slide you want to link to. So if you want to link directly to slide 21, your direct link would be:

This trick may not work though if you are linked to the last slide like in this Example.

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Link in Slideshare

You can add the slide number to any SlideShare URL and it will directly launch the presentation from that particular slide. For example, this Slideshare presentation has 24 slides but I can jump straight to slide 18 using the following URL:

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