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In the early days of Twitter, a long hyperlink could interfere with your ability to write a message while staying within Twitter’s 140 character limit. Link shortening services quickly appeared. You can paste a link into one of many services and get a much shorter link that would redirect visitors to the desired web page. Today, Twitter has completely automated the process. To reduce the size of a hyperlink, simply type or paste the link into the status field of your Twitter homepage. Twitter will automatically shorten the link to 19 characters using the “” domain.

Open a new web browser window and log in to Twitter.

Type or paste a copied link into the “What’s Happening” text field of 13 characters or more. A message will appear below the text field stating that “The link will appear shortened”.

Type a message with the link if you wish. Click the “Tweet” button. If the link you entered has been identified by Twitter as a potentially dangerous website, a warning will appear. You can click on the “Continue” button, but you must verify the link you are trying to share, as it may be a spam or phishing website. Sharing such links could result in the suspension of your Twitter account.

Click on the “Profile” tab at the top of the window. Your latest tweet will appear at the top of your tweets. The link will appear as you pasted it, but shortened with three dots, like “…”

Hover your mouse over the link. The actual shortened link appears at the bottom of the web browser window in the status field, such as “” for example.

Find a link from a friend of yours who uses a link shortening service such as, or Copy this link and paste it into the text field. As long as the link is longer than 13 characters, Twitter will shorten the link.


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