Hyperlink InfoSystem Partners with Salesforce on Vaccine Management Platform


Hyperlink InfoSystem announced today that it has developed a new vaccine management solution to help individual businesses, governments and healthcare organizations distribute potential COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

Built on Salesforce, the cloud-based management platform covers all stages of logistics, delivery and administration of a vaccine, including registration of local / health organizations, management of inventory, supply chain management, analytical reports and welfare surveys.

“After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the number of health organizations and the government have started to work on vaccines to make the world Corona free. As the vaccine distribution begins, they will need help technology solutions to plan their delivery and even distribution execution process The vaccine must be done in an appropriate way that will help organizations and governments reach every person, ”said Harnil Oza, CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, UK based.

Healthcare companies and government organizations can customize the solution to suit their needs. Alternatively, the solution can be integrated into an existing API.

Hyperlink announced that it will launch the full solution by the end of December 2020 and that the individual solutions will be delivered within 20 business days of order confirmation.

“Healthcare companies and government officials can share their needs or get more details on the platform by emailing [email protected]linkinfosystem.com. We can deliver any vaccine solution in 15-20 days depending on individual needs, ”Hyperlink said in his blog.

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