Hyperlink InfoSystem Revenues Reach USD 60 Million in 2022


Recognizing and embracing trends and technologies is the only way to survive and beat the competition in the IT world. InfoSystem Hyperlink knows this and benefits from it since its foundation in 2011.

In 2011, as the world became familiar with iOS operating system, Hyperlink InfoSystem started to provide iOS application development services to its global customers. As they have the expertise in application development, Hyperlink InfoSystem quickly gained popularity as the top mobile application development company in 2015. As it was just the beginning while being known as the best company application development, Hyperlink InfoSystem has improved its service area for various development services. .

Keeping a firm foothold as mobile app development services, the company has quickly become one of the best companies providing various web development, e-commerce store development, game development, blockchain development and various others services. With the innovation of IoT, NFT and Metaverse, the company has been providing IoT development, NFT market development and Metaverse platform development services to its global customers since the introduction of these trending technologies.

Keeping the broad approach and service domain, Hyperlink InfoSystem provides the most user-friendly and feature-rich development solutions to their global customers belonging to various industries such as manufacturing, travel, retail, l education, healthcare, real estate, food and catering, gaming and many other industries.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Hyperlink InfoSystem has its offices in Mumbai, London, New York, Dubai and Canada. The global team of over 650 employees provides various advanced development services based on unique requirements for their customers around the world. Hyperlink InfoSystem has provided excellent development solutions to various well-known brands such as Viacom, SBS Discovery, BBC, Emaar, Art of Living, Tata Group, Zydus, Astral Pipes, etc.

These years of hard work and effort have enabled Hyperlink InfoSystem to generate US$60 million in revenue in 2022. Comparing it to the year 2021, Hyperlink InfoSystem revenue increased more than 50%. One of the reasons Hyperlink InfoSystem is generating higher revenue than ever is its strong customer base. Hyperlink InfoSystem’s technology experts provide custom development services to each client. Even though Hyperlink InfoSystem is known as one of the best application development companies, the company has technical experts for every development technology, from web development to Metaverse development. Apart from the fact that the company has only a decade of experience in the development industry, it is one of the few companies in India working on Metaverse development projects.

From a single app development project, in 2022, Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed over 4000+ mobile apps and 2000+ websites for its 3200+ global customers, generating $60 million in revenue . Talking about the strength of employees at Hyperlink InfoSystem, we can find the various technical experts with skillful approaches who represent their dedicated departments such as business management, project management, web and application design, development Web and Apps, Quality Assurance and more in a specific way. Anyone with a specific development requirement who wants to get specific results for their idea should definitely visit their website,”https://www.hyperlinkinfosystem.com/“. They have specialized and technical specifications to deliver the desired result.

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