Jackie Shroff, Priya Mani, Sunny Leone and Sara’s Crime Thriller is a Hyperlink Drama | Tamil Cinema News

Director Vivek’s quote gang, which stars Jackie Shroff, Priya Mani, Sunny Leone and Sara Arjun in the lead, recently released the first character posters.

Vivek says, “It feels more like a character reveal of all the important actors in the film. There is no concept of hero or villain… each of these characters has importance and drives the story forward. From the poster, we want to tell people that this movie has a lot of suspense and mystery. It is a hyperlink drama, where several stories converge in one step. The posters were designed with this in mind. The director informs that the filming of the film is over. “We started post-production work in Mumbai. Our producer is from Mumbai and my contacts are also here. I thought it would be easier to work from here. Also, since we plan to have a multilingual version (in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Punjabi), Mumbai would be the perfect place,” says Vivek.

Having started filming during the first lockdown, Vivek says he’s finally thrilled the movie is coming out. “It’s a real crime thriller, which will be grungy and dark. The film will have no songs, but a solid background score that will elevate the film. Details about the composer will be announced soon,” he concludes.


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