JetBrains reveals Fleet Editor, its response to Visual Studio Code


JetBrains is the developer of the IntelliJ platform, which powers Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PyCharm Professional, GoLand, PhpStorm, and other IDEs. However, IDEs are great applications and can be overkill for simpler projects. JetBrains has now unveiled its new lightweight editor, Fleet, which is designed to be modular and compatible with just about anything.

Fleet is touted as a lighter “next-gen IDE”, in the same way that Microsoft created Visual Studio Code as a lighter-weight alternative to Visual Studio. JetBrains said in its blog post: “The fleet is a different experience for those who sometimes just want an editor but also want a full-fledged IDE, those who want to use one tool as opposed to specialized tools, and of course for those who are certain scenarios that some of our existing IDEs may not support when it comes to distributed development.

JetBrains fleet

Smart mode

JetBrains says Fleet works with Java, Kotlin, Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, TypeScript, and JSON. The company also plans to add support for PHP, C ++, C #, and HTML. There’s also a built-in terminal (which can be shared in collaborative sessions), Maven and Gradle support for Java projects, Git integration, themes, and port forwarding for remote machines. The desktop version will be available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Fleet is built as a modular framework, with the front end (what you see), the back end (indexing, crawling, browsing, advanced search, etc.), and the filesystem operating as separate components. JetBrains says it will help Fleet operate in many different environments, from a simple local application to a cloud-based web service.

JetBrains Fleet sounds comparable to Visual Studio Code, which also supports multiple languages, remote sessions, themes, and collaborative editing. Microsoft has also just rolled out the first version of the web-based Visual Studio code editor. The competition is still good, however, and that could help encourage Microsoft to continue improving Visual Studio Code.

JetBrains Fleet is not yet publicly available, but you can sign up for the Early Preview on the company’s website.


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