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The symptoms reported are mainly skin lesions on the mouth and genitals. These lesions may be preceded or accompanied by:

  • fever;
  • night sweats;
  • headache;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • joint or muscle pain.

If you have been in close contact (e.g. sexual contact or contact with someone living in the same household) with someone with these symptoms, monitor for symptoms for 21 days after your last contact with that person. If you live with someone who has the symptoms mentioned above, avoid sleeping in the same bed, avoid sharing personal items (such as bedding, clothes, dishes, etc.), limit contact with them and wear a mask in his presence.

If you have symptoms consistent with monkeypox, promptly seek medical attention for evaluation, wear a mask, and cover lesions. Inform the clinic staff before you come to your appointment.

People suspected of having the disease will be contacted by the public health authority and will be required to isolate themselves at home, avoid contact with other household members, avoid sexual contact, wear a mask when in contact with others people, cover lesions (clothing or dressings), avoid sharing objects (bedding, clothes, utensils, etc.) and follow general hygiene measures such as hand washing and respiratory etiquette. Isolation may be lifted once the scabs covering the skin lesions have fallen off and a healthy layer of skin has formed, or as recommended by the physician if another diagnosis is made.

It is especially important to avoid contact with immunocompromised people, pregnant women and children under 12 until all scabs have fallen off as these people are at greater risk.


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