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The RRI is a civil society-led initiative that was officially launched in 2022 to independently and comprehensively assess and monitor country responses to refugees and asylum seekers. It covers every component of an adequate refugee response and can be used in any national context, regardless of size and contribution to the global refugee response.

The RRI provides a baseline measure of country performance in support of the implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees and the commitments set out in the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants 2016the Sustainable Development Goalsand international standards and best practices.

Developed over several years through extensive consultations with key actors in the international refugee protection regime, the RRI consists of six pillars that cover the main components of a multidimensional refugee response. It also includes cross-cutting indicators on gender, age, diversity and conditions that enable a multi-stakeholder approach. In total, more than 160 indicators have been developed to measure a country’s response.

More information and the guide detailing the RRI methodology and indicators can be found on the DARA’s website.

About the Australian RRI Review

The Refugee Council of Australia began coordinating a review of Australia’s response to refugees and asylum seekers using the RRI methodology in 2022.

This review is undertaken by a team of staff, interns and volunteers, with considerable input from key experts in the field. External verification of the indicator assessment by international experts on refugee law and policy and support for the application of the methodology was facilitated by DARA.

The RCOA RRI coordination team includes Louise Olliff, Paula Cruz Manrique, Aníbal González Quinteros and Jenn Watson.

Why are we doing this review?

Without a global monitoring and data collection tool to comprehensively assess how states contribute to refugee protection, the design of well-documented policies and programs suffers. The RRI tool provides an independent, multidimensional measure of how a country responds to refugees and asylum seekers.

We hope that RRI Australia’s review will provide a benchmark against which future policy changes can be assessed, as well as a strong evidence base to show where Australia’s responses need to be strengthened or reformed.

By undertaking this review, RCOA hopes that civil society groups in other countries will follow suit and that the RRI will become a useful tool for comparison purposes and to identify and learn from what other countries are doing well.

The RRI Australia review team is happy to share information about our process with other country officials.

Can you help us assess Australia’s response to refugees and asylum seekers?

Many RRI indicators require a qualitative assessment of refugee and asylum policies, programs and practices. In order to gather a wide range of perspectives and evidence to support the assessment of the indicators, the RCOA has created surveys grouped around different policy, legal and practice areas.

If you would like to lend your expertise to the RRI Australia exam, click on the links below.

Legal Services Survey – these are questions about how refugee law and refugee status determination processes are undertaken in Australia.

Asylum Services Survey – these are questions about how asylum seekers are cared for in Australia.


Pillar 1 – Access to asylum (July 2022)

As the RCOA is in the process of completing the full implementation of the index, the findings from Pillar 1 were deemed timely to be shared as separate work. Pillar 1 covers access to asylum, including 37 indicators spread across four key components that examine national policies, legislation and practices as well as cross-cutting themes.

Download the Pillar 1 report

Other country reports

Links to RRI reports from other countries will be added here when available.

Costa Rica Country Report


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