The Terra blockchain integrates with the SubQuery indexing solution


Polkadot’s data indexing solution, SubQuery, is expanding its offering to support projects leveraging the Terra ecosystem.

Notably, SubQuery is the first indexing protocol to launch a decentralized layer of data aggregation, indexing, and querying on Terra. In addition to Terra, SubQuery has identified a priority list of four other Layer 1 blockchains that it intends to support in the future.

SubQuery brings its open data indexing solution to Terra along with all the other tools, documentation, developer support, managed hosting, and other benefits that developers receive from its ecosystem.

Terra is the second of five protocols that SubQuery intends to support in total throughout 2022. The start of this journey was its expansion into the Avalanche ecosystem.

The Terra blockchain makes stablecoins that track the price of various fiat currencies. It was built with Tendermint, the native architecture of the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem. Terraform Labs secured $150 million in investment funding from several high-flyers in the crypto space last year.

Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery, said, “SubQuery is a fundamental part of the Web3 infrastructure and we are excited to support Terra’s explosive growth. We can’t wait to see how teams across the Terra ecosystem leverage SubQuery’s industry-leading indexing technology to build fast, feature-rich dApps.

Scale sub-queries to serve millions of daily API requests

“SubQuery is currently focusing on decentralization and tokenization of the protocol to build the SubQuery Network which will launch in Q2 2022. The SubQuery Network will be simple and accessible to everyone, innovate in payment methods and, most importantly, support indexing Terra projects from the start,” the statement continued.

Since its inception in 2021, SubQuery has served many Layer 1 blockchains and decentralized applications, including hundreds of millions of queries every day on projects across the Polkadot ecosystem.

Its data indexing technology provides developers with the tools to explore, transform and analyze on-chain data. It also frees up their resources to focus on product development and user experience rather than building their own query systems. By abstracting the backend, SubQuery eliminates the need for custom data processing servers.


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