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Recently Matt Navarra, social media consultant and commentator, tweeted a screenshot (of Sphinx) which showed hypertext buttons on a live TikTok video. The following screenshot showed the official website of the TikTok Merchandise Store. This new option, if made public, will be an extremely useful feature for online businesses that use TikTok to advertise on a popular platform. songs published through these buttons.

Those who have seen test screenshots or live testing of this feature have said that this feature bears similarities to Instagram’s feature which has hyperlink buttons in live videos and Instagram TV videos. . Even though TikTok took Instagram inspiration for this feature, it isn’t necessarily a bad decision or taboo, as social media platforms either copy each other’s new features or put their own twist on each other. the ideas of others is common practice. Hopefully TikTok collects positive reviews for this feature and it will be released soon as it would be a great resource for all kinds of business accounts on the platform.

The second characteristic that Navarre tweeted from Kendall about is extremely innovative and useful for users. This feature has not been seen on any other social media platform, so extra points for the original idea on this one. When users view another user’s profile, they can see the posts they’ve already seen. This is an amazing solution when you see a post on the explore page but accidentally lose it, if you now remember the creator’s username, you can just go to their profile and be able to easily spot from what message it was. This is an incredibly useful feature and it is certainly surprising that it has taken social media platforms so long to understand this one. Well done to TikTok for this ingenious feature.

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