Urban Meyer scandal reportedly reached ‘crisis point’, Jaguar owner issues statement on ‘inexcusable’ driving



The Jacksonville Jaguars have a serious problem on their hands, and it revolves around their first-year head coach, Urban Meyer. He of course had a hectic weekend after losing the Jaguars last Thursday and fell to 0-4 as he was caught on camera getting a little too friendly with a young woman at an Ohio restaurant. It would have brought his lack of success on and off the pitch at a critical juncture.

Meyer tried to get things back on track again on Wednesday morning. According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Meyer held a full team meeting and reportedly “expressed responsibility and remorse” for staying in Ohio while the team returned home Thursday night.

Sports Illustrated’s Michael Silver reported on Tuesday that Urban Meyer’s situation has reached a “no crisis”. One player told Silver that Meyer had no credibility and had very little to start with. According to Silver, players were put off by the fact that Meyer canceled Monday’s squad meeting as he continued to deal with the fallout from the weekend videos. One player would have seen Meyer as “too scared”.

While Meyer told a press conference Monday that he apologized to the team, Silver taught Meyer “only to apologize for positioning the groups individually,” and described the young woman. in the videos as a random person who was at the restaurant dancing.

“We looked at him like, WTF?” A player told Silver. “As soon as he left, everyone started laughing to death. And he knew it.”

Speaking about the situation, one player said: “It’s bad. I don’t know how it’s going to work.”

Michael Lombardi, a former NFL executive who is now a media analyst, reported on Tuesday that two Jacksonville sources told him there was a lot closed meetings take place in the Jaguars’ football offices, and none of them had anything to do with their next opponent, the Tennessee Titans.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan then released a statement regarding his head coach:

“I raised this matter with Urban. The details of our conversation will be kept confidential. What I will say is that his conduct last weekend was inexcusable. I appreciate Urban’s remorse, I think. Now he must regain our trust and respect. It will require a personal commitment from Urban to all who support, represent or play for our team. I have no doubts that he will keep his promises. “

Images and videos uploaded to social media showed a young woman dancing on / near the head coach at an Ohio restaurant. Another video appears to show Meyer touching the woman’s butt. Meyer, who is married, said he spoke to his family about the incident and that they were definitely “pissed off. “

According to SportsLine punters, Meyer is now the betting favorite as the first NFL coach to be fired / to quit his job. It was not the first incident in which Meyer was involved that marred his short tenure as head coach. When building his coaching staff, he controversially hired Chris Doyle. The former Iowa strength and conditioning head coach has been placed on administrative leave following several black players alleging he treated them negatively and unfairly because of their race. Then, as Meyer’s first free agency approached as head coach of the NFL, he lamented the legal period of tampering, calling it “horrible.”

As the NFL regular season draws closer, CBS Sports senior NFL writer Pete Prisco reported that some of Meyer’s players were not thrilled with some of the college-style methods he brought. in Jacksonville.

“They didn’t get off to a good start, that’s obvious,” Prisco said on The DA show. “He clearly doesn’t like losing, even though it’s preseason. I’ve heard he struggled last week just because he lost his first preseason game, and it’s not an attitude you have to have in the NFL.

“He needs to change some things. He brought a lot of college-type things to the program that I don’t necessarily agree with. I’ve heard some players weren’t happy either.”

Meyer then fought a puzzling battle against the quarterback with No.1 pick Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew before trading the latter, and drew the wrath of the NFLPA after openly admitting that he and his staff had taken offense. counts the vaccination status of players on the day of the cup. The NFLPA has launched an investigation into his comments.

Things did not improve at the start of the regular season. When Clay Helton was sacked by USC two games after the start of the 2021 season, many eyes turned to Meyer as a candidate to join the Trojans. He did his best to put the rumors to bed, saying he was attached to the Jaguars, but that didn’t do much to quiet the noise.

Meyer’s most recent game ended in a dramatic fashion. The Jags gave the Cincinnati Bengals a 14-0 lead in the second half, which knocked Meyer down to 0-4 that year. He was very emotional during his post-game press conference.

“It’s devastating – heartbreaking,” Meyer said. “Usually I’m not wrong on stuff like that, I just see a good team in there. I see good guys, I see good hearts, I see guys who work. And I told them that I I wasn’t wrong. I’m ‘I’m not wrong about that stuff. This team is going to win games. ”

Meyer’s body language and words last Thursday night showed he was devastated by the loss. He even ignored a reporter’s question and apologized because he said his head was “spinning”. Looks like he’s not the only member of the Jaguars organization whose head is spinning right now.



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