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Permalink is the abbreviation for “Permanent Link”, which in turn can be translated as “permanent link”. As the name suggests, this is the full URL that you see in the address bar when opening a website. The pages on a given site usually have different URLs, but each is permanent.

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It is this “permanent” that makes the permalink what it is: the URL never changes. If the content of a page or website is changed or updated, the link will remain the same.

Along with real life, think of the permalink as if it were a physical address, with a name, street, and zip code. Those who live there can move to another location, but this specific address is never changed.

Generally, permalinks are created automatically by the platforms responsible for the publication from links on the internet. News sites often have the same title and URL. The one in this article, for example, is “canaltech.com.br/internet/o-que-e-permalink”. There are a few exceptions: YouTube uses URLs with a different alphanumeric channel for each video. then follow this copy template of the site name or title.

    Why is the permalink important?

    On the user side, the permalink can serve as a facilitator of the site you are browsing. Since most websites use the same address that appears in the title or highlight of the link you viewed, you can look at the address bar and see the fixed URL of that page before it loads completely into the browser.

    However, the sites themselves are the ones that benefit the most from the permalink. And it has everything to do with web search services, which rely on these permanent URLs to define which sites will appear first in users’ searches. Therefore, the permalink is directly related to website optimization for search engines – this is called search engine optimization (SEO, its acronym in English).

    How to structure a permalink?


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